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Your Daily Variable Department Huddle
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Your Daily Variable Department Huddle

How to conduct a perfect daily sales department huddle

Your Daily Variable Department Huddle

Hello Automotive Professionals!

Today’s Daily Value Bomb is going to focus on how to setup and execute a Daily Sales Department Huddle.

After years of managing a sales team that outperformed it’s peers, I cannot stress enough the importance of this daily quick 15 minute meeting. It is vital that this meeting be held daily. It can be as short as 10-15 minutes, but HAS to happen every day. Rotate it being led between your new and used car managers.


Q. When should this huddle happen
A. As soon as most sales people and managers are normally present. For me this was 9:00am. Notice I said most. Nothing is perfect and neither is attendance, scheduling, or timeliness.

Q. Who should attend this huddle?
A. All variable staff employees. To clarify, sales people, F&I manager(s), new car manager(s), used car manager(s), BDC manager(s), internet manager(s).

Q. How is the CRM used in this meeting?

    • Previous 5 days sales opportunities from the CRM. (Print them out or use laptop etc.)


    • Were call backs made?


    • What needs to happen to put a deal together?


    • Was an offer made?


    • All managers should be present, can we put something together for this deal?


    • Did we follow up with them according to our written process? (Calls, Email, thank you card, etc.)


    • If not, why?


    • When will the next contact be made?


    • Review pending sales, when are they delivering?


    • Any credit challenges exist for pending sales?

    Q. Is this only sales related?
    A. No, we conclude by going around the room to see if there are any minor issues to address? NOTE: This CANNOT turn into a complaining session, if it starts to, end the meeting immediately and setup one on ones with the complainers.

    Q. Other items for discussion?
    A. Review current new car specials daily, review all used car promotions, and review any advertising taking place.

    Q. How do I motivate my salespeople?
    A. Review each salesperson’s goals and where they are pacing. Congratulate the team members pacing ahead of their goal, and ask what the team members falling short exactly plan to do to get back on pace. Demand critical planning here and hold them accountable. Their success is dependent upon your leadership skills.

    Watch for the next post. Until then, Kick the Tires and Light the Fires – Only you can lead your team to success.

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