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Take Care Of Your Back Yard!!!! (SEM)

Take Care Of Your Back Yard!!!! (SEM)

Make sure you take care of your back-yard!

Who ever you decide to use for Search Marketing, make sure they have access to the technology that will allow you to dominate your geo.

At Agency19, we utilize software scripts that allow us to adjust your cost per click around your back yard.

Lets say you are an Auto Dealer located in Sauk City Wisconsin. In this scenario, is a car shopper worth more to you if they are in your home town, or if they are 20 miles away? How about 60 or 100 miles away?

Most dealers won’t advertise farther than 15 miles away from their dealership, and SEM companies, like CDK Global, do not have the ability to make this a viable option anyway.

At Agency19, we utilize a script that automatically adjusts the bidding based on distance from your business!

Here is a graphic that illustrates how we manage bidding for that small town dealer in Sauk city.

auto dealership advertising


For this example, we will analyze the search phrase “Chevy Silverado”. With this algorithm running, the dealer will pay $6.00/Click in the darkest blue circle a 12 mile radius, the next lighter ring they will pay $4.00/click and that is about a 20 mile radius, the next ring is $2.00/click about a 35 mile radius, the next is 50 cents about a 45 mile radius.

By using this technique, the dealer protects their home turf, adds incremental business, and keeps his total spend about half of his competitors.

Contact us today and see how we can grow your business, save you about half of what you spend now and crush the competition.

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