Best Practices

New Car Rocket

$899.00 on the 3rd of each month and a $699.00 sign-up fee

New Car Rocket 

Search Engine Marketing


First payment: April 3, 2021

  • Exact match Key Phrase algorithm technology
    • We only pay for search terms that have proven ROI and are low funnel
      • (Best Malibu Lease, Lowest Wrangler Price, Car Finance Pre-approval, Etc.)
    • We can cut your media spend by 50% typically
      • Stop paying for irrelevant clicks (New Malibu Pictures, Airfare to Malibu CA, Etc.)
  • Bullseye campaign targeting
    • Take care of your base while increasing market-share
    • Reduce costs
    • Target individual DMA
  • Enhanced Ads
    • Stand out from the competitors
      • Links to departments
      • Click to call
      • Store Highlights
      • Location (When available)